Renovation Project

Our church reopened in July 2016 following major renovations to update the inside of this historic building whilst protecting the fabric of the outside.

The building closed in October 2015, and nine months of renovation began, to tackle serious issues, including woodworm in some the pews and flooring, inefficient heating and water leaking through some of the walls.

We were extremely fortunate as a legacy provided most of the necessary funds to not only tackle the above problems but to improve the building significantly and enabled it to become a multi functional space that will be available for the whole community for years to come.

After the faults had been tackled, work commenced to add underfloor heating, an inside toilet, a tea bar, new seating and updated lighting both inside and out.

At a later date we hope to add more car parking and improve the pipe organ which we currently use.

Please watch this website for regular updates, changes to services and opportunities to get involved including the opportunity to buy memorial plaques or chairs to commemorate important events or remember loved ones. You can also use the "contact us" page if you have any questions.